We use state-of-the-art computer systems to design and customize your monument. This allows you to see your monument on paper and verify all information or make changes before it is cut into the stone. We have skilled craftsmen that carve the design onto the stone. Compare the quality of our granite and carving and we think you will agree that our workmanship is the best in the area. 

Charles Custom Memorials offers a wide variety of monument sizes and styles to suit every cemetery requirement and family budget.  We hope this guide will be helpful in determining which type of monument you are interested in.  Please feel free to visit our Online Catalog & Monument Designer to browse our extensive catalog of designs that may be customized for you and your loved ones.  You may also try your hand at designing your own.




#1309- Himalayan Blue Granite, Custom Cross, Double Mounment

#1199-Georgia Dark Grey Granite, Custom Bench Design, Double Monument

 #1255-Morning Rose Granite, Custom Triple Heart Design, Double Monument

 Mahogany Granite, Wing Job, Double Monument

#1034-Angel White Granite, Custom Hand Carved Dolphins W/Heart, Single Monument

#1316-Georgia Grey Granite, All Polished Standard Double Monument

 #1329-Morning Rose Granite, Last Supper Scene, Double Monument

#1100-American Black Granite, Cross and Rose Design, Single Monument

#1031-Paradiso Granite, Hand Carved Floral Design, Single Monument

#1358-B Georgia Grey Granite-All Polished Heart with Vase Hole


#1340-Himalayan Blue Granite, Custom Shape, Precious Memories Design, Double

#1378-Georgia Grey Granite, Rock Pitched With Custom Hand Carved Roses and Scroll, Single Monument

#1381Seashell Pink Granite, Custom Hand Carved Roses With Tear Drop Shape, Single Monument

#1373-Paradiso Granite, Custom Floral And Heart Design, Double Monument

#1375-India Red Granite, Custom Leaning Hearts Wing Job With Bird Design, Double Monument

Jet Black And Georgia Grey Granite, Custom 3D Lighthouse, Double Monument

#1372-Bahama Blue Granite, Custom Shape, Wedding Ring And Floral Design, Double Monument

#1394-Georgia Grey Granite, Cap And Pillar Design, Double Monument

#1368-Georgia Grey Granite With Jet Black Granite Doors And Vase, Roof Top Cremation Niche, Double Cremation Monument

#1343-India Red Granite, Custom Oval Shape With Floral Design, Single Monument


#1434, Jet Black Granite, Custom Hand Carved Tree, Double Monument